29 November 2016


power moves library 2016, edition of 40

"tags: experimental france bedroom recordings dream visions folk home dubs lofi outsider piano psychedelic psychogeographical stream of consciousness" - POWER MOVES LIBRARY

trying to power rush some recommendations before the cement starts to set on some eager folks' year end lists -- "French musician, composer, improviser, pianist, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist" and creator / curator of micro label WILD SILENCE dealing in delectable handmade cdrs of "unusual music" - active since the mid 00s but shamefully undetected by my radar until much more recently - i've been working my way back through DORA's discography and i have yet to hear anything i don't dig, but i keep coming back to this PARALLEL WORLD where her music seems fully realized and perfectly crystallized - she conjures otherworldly bygone acid folk arias with haunting modern classical / minimal piano accompaniment that recalls CHRISTINA CARTER and FURSAXA but with even more alluring intimate cerebral weirdness and intersecting further out outsiders like INCA ORE and PHIPPS PT and JACKIE MCDOWELL aka INEZ LIGHTFOOT (whose latest gem NEW BLOOD MEDICINE is out via WILD SILENCE, grab it while you can) - sadly PARALLEL WORLD is sold out at the source but don't let that diminish this amazing album, dig the free download