22 March 2018


opaque dynamo 2018, edition of 100

"Opaque Dynamo launches the cassette series with the release of an enigmatic artefact, a real mind-distorter for all zealots of primitive electric guitar fury and utter expression of instinctive command, a tantalizing charge of impenetrable origin, deeply infused in savage fire and filled with unruly beauty. The so-called Hopital De La Conception has arranged it all well in order to maintain an aura of mystery and ensure the untraceability of the band member(s)' identity; as a matter of fact, the only thing to feed our fantasies lies exclusively in the disclosure of the man-behind-the-guitar&voice's epic moniker: Junk Nurse. Yet the name itself allows one to catch a glimpse of the kind of deal to expect!

hear what happens once Junk Nurse is set in The electric rockin' chair: an influx of deconstruction, a barrage of free-form excavations meeting with a minimalist (and spooky!) edifice which repeatedly hammers its mantra with motorik pressure. ...two massive instrumental pieces like resonant monoliths, fully urban and in (most likely) unusual open-chord tuning. ...a haunting sporadic singing is found interspersed in the flow, it arises in sudden bursts and in an unexpected way like to summon the spirit of a forgotten protest. The gripping guitar tone enables Junk Nurse to so sharpen his style to the most expressive edge, as we also see him able to enter the realm of Guitar-Feedback loudness through a melodic door leading to a unique mastery in subtle & complex frequencies and, from there, to definitely unfold such an onslaught of guitar sounds as scary as dazzling for the senses.

Directly mastered from reel tape, Hopital De La Conception's The electric rockin' chair is an inspirational journey through the meanders of intense saturation & rumbling vibes, one of these rare ecstatic experiences to surface in our new Millenium. // FR- Cassette tape x 100 - 2018 / limited serie of 100 (hand-numbered) cassette tapes / Pro-duplication / Recording by P.F _ 11/17 - Revox B77 / Mastered & produced by Opaque Dynamo . 2018 . / Featuring Junk Nurse : Guitar & voice / Total Time : 35 mn (Same program both sides)" - OPAQUE DYNAMO

maybe thee juiciest label write-up i've ever encountered this side of VOLCANIC TONGUE - condemnably under-worshiped french guitar god GREGORY RAIMO via his OPAQUE DYNAMO imprint blast says just about all that needs to be said, but i'll try to supplement best i can

concerning RAIMO... he's most infamous with/as GR & FULL BLOWN EXPANSION as heard on the 2007 self titled outsider opus, unsurprisingly also a most underappreciated underground diamond in the rough, very much in line with THE ELECTRIC ROCKIN' CHAIR here, but less zoned-in and one-lined as GR&FBE is more sporadic, wild-eyed and hair-brained, channeling weirdo anti-heroes like JANDEK and MICHAEL YONKERS --in fact RAIMO did an album with YONKERS, which, if you're familiar then it probably sounds nothin like what you might expect at least from the half dozen YONKERS albums i've heard-- filtered through messy pummel n throb psychoses akin to AMON DUUL II, MOONEY era CAN, CHROME punk industrialization, hell even BO DIDDLEY, the STOOGES and various LES RALLIZES japanese noise jam adaptations - these are still valid for THE ELECTRIC ROCKIN' CHAIR, but only as a backdrop, an introduction

the next major mile marker is GUNSLINGERS' MASSACRE-ROCK DEVIANT INQUISITORS circa 2013, which just tightens all the many loose bolts on GR&FBE and opens the throttle wide open, kinda like an alternate MARK E. SMITH on speed rant-laced soundtrack to MAD MAX runnin down those biker thugs, which could be construed as CARRION CRAWLER era -best era- THEE OH SEES on a real bad trip and on the verge of collapsing the stage at some dive bar

now, THE ELECTRIC ROCKIN CHAIR, what a title - really fits the raw n bluesy vibe - but it's not at all laid back like JOHN HURT or (relatively) good-timin' like chicagoans (approximately) HOWLIN WOLF and MUDDY WATERS - this kinda feels more like my favorite bluesmen ever, FRED MCDOWELL - that drone'ish repetition, get out of the way - though the vocals definitely break the mold - not that there's much vocals to this, they crop up only a couple brief moments over the half hour plus running time, and who the hell knows what mr JUNK NURSE is saying, but it's all the better or it

this cuts close to free rock duos CHALAQUE and YERBA MANSA, like one of those covering the VELVETS "the gift" with some distantly EXPO'ish loop desynch a time or two, if there's even a loop employed, tough to be sure, maybe not, but maybe so - i have the feeling this is just one dude and i don't get the feeling that it's overdubbed or anything "fancy" like that, but no one knows - there's HERBCRAFT'ian cosmic wah as heard on WOT OZ, circling back toward that unmistakable bombed-out basement stoner vibe a la GEORGE BRIGMAN and VULCAN, surely eternally indebted to, say, LIGHTNIN' HOPKINS, HENDRIX of course, and i don't know, weirdened guitar rock provocateurs like WICKED LADY, fast forward to SONIC YOUTH zeroing in on NEIL YOUNG's ARC, but perhaps THE ELECTRIC ROCKIN' CHAIR has more in common with KING BLOOD's relentless pursuit of nirvana being just one more riff away, collapsing then resolving, somehow makin me think of the shape's face emerging from the darkness behind laurie in HALLOWEEN which is maybe my favorite cinematic moment of all time