03 January 2018


same deal as last year's list, a bunch of good stuff didn't make the cut, a bunch of good stuff i just couldn't find the time to sit down and recommend, and that many more that i probably slept on or otherwise missed, still i think i got out more recommendations this year than i might have first guessed - i think about half of the tapes and most of the non tapes are still available from their sources and/or usual distros


RAISING HOLY SPARKS - search for the vanished heaven (eiderdown) [#192]
DANNY CLAY & GREG GORLEN - birch (midnight circles) [#173]
BITTER FICTIONS - xxvii (shaking box) [#190]
SARA SOLTAU - series 1.2: in parts (auralgami sounds) [#199]
ERIK KRAMER - a house, floating in the middle of a lake (anthropocene) [#204]
JACOB SUNDERLIN - hymnal (null zone) [#205]
STARBIRTHED - citrine dreams (flower room) [#203]
LINDEN POMEROY & LONESOME BLOOD - maybe it's our january heads (illuminated paths) [#171]
BUFFALO VOICE - pilgrim takes his spill (antiquated future) [#189]
SOMESURPRISES - serious dreams (eiderdown) [#180]

non cassettes

SARAH DAVACHI - all my circles run (students of decay) [#207]
JON COLLIN - the glorious licking (singing knives) [#206]
ALEXANDER - alexander (self released) [#202]
EXPO 70 - cleverly mystique (5nakefork) [#182]
ASH & HERB - northern lights (child of microtones / flower room) [#203]
MIDWIFE - like author, like daughter (whited sepulchre) [#188]
YERBA MANSA - untitled (deep distance) [#170]
IRMA VEP - no handshake blues (faux discx) [#186]
SAMUEL REGAN - a warm room (unknown tone) [#187]
ANDREW WEATHERS ENSEMBLE - build a mountain where our bodies fall (full spectrum) [#196]