21 September 2017


endless 2017, edition of ?

"Various numbers recorded between then and now in various houses" - ENDLESS

a most impressive curio from one mr HOUSE, apparent head honcho of ENDLESS digital and diy lathe editions out of brighton (i think), who i'm thinkin is more likely than not THOMAS HOUSE, member of ass-kickin stoner power trio SLOATH courtesy home base RIOT SEASON where i first took notice, but they have a lathe cut via -you guessed it- ENDLESS, and also member of now defunct (?) CHARLOTTEFIELD, which, i'm listenin right now and it has a strong 90s vibe, via cursory perusal i identify some FUGAZI, KYUSS, SHELLAC and SLINT as likely influences, which also feed albeit in less linear ways into his weirdo tendency that by my estimation is quite deeply rooted and runs rather rampant, and for which ENDLESS is the outlet, or the relief valve perhaps

ENDLESS didn't ping my radar until rather recently, but before this one, with IRMA VEP's THE CAKE WON'T EAT ITSELF EP, which i very quickly discovered in the wake of year long year end heavyweight contender NO HANDSHAKE BLUES [REC #186] - at that time i only briefly perused some of the available catalog, and though i heard plenty of stuff that i liked, nothin reached out and punched me in the face - i guess HOUSE was just saving up for a late round rally with the incredible flurry here on A HORSE AND I MUST KILL

sonically this is kinda all over the weirdo map - in typical fashion, i might try to simply the equation by narrowing likely influential confluences, as A HORSE AND I MUST KILL sometimes falls somewhere between THE FALL and SLINT, other times somewhere between DOCK BOGGS and JANDEK, armed with some (un)holy scuzz that splits the difference between DINOSAUR JR and EARTH - it looks rather scattershot on paper, i know, but it works - a potent cohesive alchemical compound that separates from the pack of outer limits song-driven weirdness - DAN MELCHIOR might be a fair not-too-distant contemporary (and predecessor), but that only goes so far here - AHAIMK echoes weirdo singularities CHARALAMBIDES and PUMICE, channels post XPRESSWAY kiwi dementia akin to MAD NANNA (though they are from melbourne i think), invades a headspace vaguely triangulated by RAFI BOOKSTABER, HERBCRAFT and BLAINE TODD, with some proximity to current year outsider songwriter frontrunners BUFFALO VOICE [REC #189] and IRMA VEP [REC #186], but AHAIMK is further off the deep end, for sure

worth noting- it's a lathe cut to order, only available this month, which is cool, but it's $60 postage paid to the states - admittedly i had think about it, but after a few spins it's easily one of the best things i have heard all year so i said what the hell and went for it