03 July 2017


broken ground on a massive project, a various artist cassette boxset -PL17- in or among what i often described as "new weird american drone" tentatively due late fall - i won't reveal the lineup just yet, it's a bit early i think as things are still in flux and an email or two is a ways from recordings in hand, but there's not much surprise to it, nearly all involved have been previously recommended here

in other news, the PSI LAB SHOP on discogs will shut down soon, or at least go on another extended hiatus, so act now if you are so inclined, feel free to email reasonable offers to PSILABTAPES [at] GMAIL [dot] COM

also, i posted a midyear review of some of my favorite tapes and non-tapes on the PSI LAB facebook page a few days ago - check that out if you're lookin for a photo-and-grocery-list recap thus far

stay tuned