16 April 2017


audio visuals atmosphere 2017, edition of 55

"'In the early days, in a way, she never left her home.' Remote and mystifying harmonies to escape the engulfing air of passing hours. Returning to the cultivated wealth along the trail to the shore. A bleak, but beautiful loss that continues to taste of salt. // Seemingly harmless melodies put in contrast with field recordings. Nothing is what is seems in this collection of tracks completed over a long period of time." - AUDIO VISUALS ATMOSPHERE

"debut tape from Berlin-based Sofia Ozdravovna. An almost 40-minute album mixing field-recordings, stark noise and industrial nuance with an ambience that evokes anxiety and apprehension and only a hint of light at the end of the tunnel." - HOLY GEOMETRY

pseudonym SOFIA OZDRAVOVNA's debut full length (?) is an impressive integration of darkly tinted ambient drone tape manipulation and upper level berlin school studies - but more than that, a commentary, a statement, but i will come back to that - HOUSEWIFE humanizes early 70s SCHULZE and TANGERINE DREAM esque nebulous analog synth exploration and deep (inner) space evocation as fed through a RANDALL MCCLELLAN "drone box" configuration informed by classical ambient, industrial and modern classical standards - a rich collection of entrancing compositions built on simple yet eye-closing'ly effective loop structures and improvised (?) melodic motifs manifesting inexorable waves of contemplative bliss - yet another gem from the softer side of this euro underground cultivation of post industrial dronescapes, standing alongside recent favored works by C.L. LOBBESTAEL [REC #177] and ZEN ZSIGO [REC #175], and finding favorable comparison to new weird american drone masters like GREG GORLEN and SKITTISH ARM

HOUSEWIFE is an intimate confessional, be it the artist's or the listener's or humankind's, it makes no difference, it becomes the (sufficiently close) listener's along the way - immersed (spiritual?) meditation and heartfelt introspection exploring the serling-esque fog between light and shadow, real and surreal - a forty minute montage eerily embedded with self-reflective slices of life, cast in a light that is perhaps more telling than the listener might typically care to be cast in

sold out at the source but still available in certain corners of the weirdo cassette world, one being OZDRAVOVNA's own distro and imminent in house imprint HOLY GEOMETRY

do not sleep