09 April 2017


5nakefork / sonic meditations 2017, vinyl edition of 290, cassette edition of 100

"Last recording at Wright's home studio that produced Black Ohms / White Ohms. nods to early Krautrock and New Age minimalism with bouncing melodies and shorter themed tracks. Cleverly Mystique was captured back in 2011. Finally mastered for release on vinyl and CS. Recorded & mixed by Justin Wright April / May 2011. All music improvised. Justin Wright performs electric guitar and Moog. 'Antiquated Undulation' features Aaron Osbourne on bass. Mastered by Scott Colburn, 2015. Artwork by Justin Wright." - SONIC MEDITATIONS

"Both LP & CS versions screen printed in house by 5nakefork. 90 LP in colored vinyl [available here only], 200 LP in black vinyl [distributed through Thrill Jockey Records], 100 CS pro-dub split release w/ Sonic Meditations." - 5NAKEFORK

glorious slice of solo EXPO, primo recordings from the tail end of EXPO's pinnacle (arguably) as WRIGHT's sonic meditation delivery mechanism, peak guitar god genius on display as he went on an incredible run from 2009 to 2011, hitting an epic stride proliferating 25+ titles in three years - of course everything EXPO is gravy for me, but for me there's something really special about his sounds from that particular span in spacetime

safe to say that CLEVERLY is well worth the wait, all around - the black on gray screenprint is top flight for sure, well suited for CLEVERLY's brooding deep space psychedelic minimalism as EXPO expertly applies his patented formula of heady kosmische drift, bubbling, churning, dissipating, regenerating, drool worthy (de)synchronous loop wizardry laced with analog synth improvisation and the most righteous guitar licks this side of the heavy 70s --always different, always the same-- undoubtedly true, but at this point is there anyone left to scare off with that tagline? in fact, like PEEL to THE FALL, it's a measure of my helpless fanaticism - but for the unconverted, know that this is assuredly upper crust EXPO 70 -- with each spin CLEVERLY climbs inexorably toward the top of the heap, already among the very best that both EXPO 70's vast discography and 2017 music in general have to offer

imminently available from 5NAKEFORK