19 March 2017


autumn archive 2017, edition of ?

"Ranging from disorientating to complex atmospheres and soothing soundscapes, Cody L. Lobbestael delivers another beautiful record. To get lost and disappear. Life on hold." - AUTUMN ARCHIVE

sound more "life affirming" than "life on hold" albeit admittedly wrapped in a cozy-to-me blanket of "existential dread" - perhaps there is something lost in translation here or hell maybe -my- life is on hold and so i can easily cling to this while everything else passes by

this is the third tape (i think) from LOBBESTAEL - previously more in line with this apparent wave of predominantly post industrial wasteland proliferation courtesy the likes of AUTUMN ARCHIVE, CAPRICE & NECESSITY and STRANGE RULES - but CHERRY lies off that freshly beaten yet mostly hidden path, found in close proximity to similar artifacts from CATHEDRAL [REC #153], LOST AGE [REC #141] and ZEN ZSIGO [REC #175], respectively, as if these unforgiving oblivion noise gods continue to make breathtaking exceptions and deliver just enough to keep folks like me comin back for more - and i'm still not sure how these two seemingly disparate worlds can be so interconnected -- like magnets, i guess

CHERRY is an tantalizingly brief yet crucial twenty minutes of glorious harmonic shifts, smooth edged dissonance encased in a shimmering armor of gauzy atmospherics, set blissfully adrift in the cosmos, surrendering to the ebb and flow of a tide like energy quietly yet powerfully surging beneath and within this miniature masterpiece

other recalled points of reference - BRAINWORLDS / PLOSIVE split which is still available from THESE ARE NOT and somehow second hand for $4 on discogs, KURMA's FRACTURED [way back REC #23] and KJ's WAKE [REC #138], as this tries to settle alongside folks like TIM HECKER and CHARLEMAGNE PALESTINE - in addition to all these "riyl" indicators, a fellow avid listener might find similar sacred solace in recently discovered by way of LOBBESTAEL back catalog hunting 2016 sleeper TRENDING BLOOM's OF FLESH & VACANCY still (barely) available from winnepeg micro label MALE ACTIVITY, deserving its own proper recommendation but since i just found it, bought it and mentioned it, i will prop up this right-now endorsement to avoid the risk of it selling out at the source before i am able to muster up a proper post

speaking of "sold out at the source" - CHERRY went fast but there is one on discogs right now