25 December 2016


death is not the end 2016, edition of ?

"12 tracks from the 20s/30s/40s with an eerily pertinent subject matter for the present day. The perfect cassette-shaped Christmas gift for a friend/relative/person who is unfathomably depressed with the state of humanity. Profits from this release will be split equally amongst Refugee Action & The Southern Poverty Law Center." - DEATH IS NOT THE END

another great old crusty blues compilation from DEATH IS NOT THE END, in similar fashion and spirit to last year's phenomenal DEATH MAY BE YOUR CHRISTMAS GIFT, this one with an obvious post election / political climate slant - i'm not one to spend much time on or consideration toward politics - i hold some overlapping ideals of christianity, existentialism, quietism and skepticism, but when asked, rather than go down that rabbit hole i might simply identify myself as an economist and historian -- i digress -- so while i found DEATH MAY BE to be more amusing, pound for pound THE WORLD IS GOING WRONG is a superior blues compilation, at least as i might measure the two from an old crusty blues fiend perspective, i mean, not of the herculean demigod-like BLUES IMAGE owner sort, i'm of the sort that geeks out over the color of the label on YAZOO records and passes on nice MISSISSIPPI comps because they might recycle too many recording previously compiled on records already in their collection - i can't think of a style of music that is more crucial to me, or certainly of a more broadly defined "roots music" classification (with blues being my favorite flavor) - it is perhaps the only music that will remain "eerily pertinent" until that day keynes referred to (albeit out of context) when he said "in the long run we are all dead"

see this is what happens when i start opining on meaning or purpose, and why i prefer to indulge in juicy "riyl" blurbs