28 November 2016


audio visuals atmosphere 2016, edition of 55

moniker of TED BUTLER, curator of NORELCO MORI "a cassette-only podcast with a penchant for dark and difficult music" - always good for an undiscovered gem or two - HEAD DRESS popped up on my radar last year with HORROR FICTION's MESA (REC #4) which is top flight desert doom drone a la EARTH and BARN OWL, revisited by GEOLOGY's BACKWARDS, with a dozen or so bolder / harsher tapes on A GIANT FERN, PHINERY, SPRING BREAK et al, nothin quite hit the spot like MESA did but i must admit i haven't heard em all - then BODIES OF WATER comes along, a subtle yet crucial reinvention, flipping just a sequence or two of dna yielding some fantastic bleak post industrial dark ambient drone contemporary to BITTER FICTIONS' JETTISON, GREG GORLEN, longform OJERUM and some of the stuff on CAPRICE & NECESSITY, finishing with an unblinking sidelong twenty five minute eerie tape loop finale looming somewhere between AMBIENT 4's "lantern marsh" and ZEIT's "nebulous dawn" that i imagine would make a hell of an alternate soundtrack to NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD