16 November 2016


autumn archive 2016, edition of 30

"New recordings of this exellent Australian project. Soothing compositions, evoking faded beauty and time. Painted with a palette of pure colors." - AUTUMN ARCHIVE

anticipated inaugural batch from AUTUMN ARCHIVE - "label from Belgium, concerning noise, ambient and other related genres. Using original photography within artwork." - delivers a host of bold noise works keeping in the style of previous / parallel incarnations CAPRICE & NECESSITY and WEIGHT OF AGES, and also this nice slice of ambient new age lonerism - patient synths form sparse wistful melodies among eerie clatter and reverb-laden chanting, wordless or otherwise indiscernible - the mood progresses toward sci fi / horror / noir albeit smartly reserved with a vulnerable half-drugged toned down approach to minimal electronic composition in the spirit of JOHN CARPENTER, KLAUS SCHULZE and VANGELIS, with some contemporary comparison to favorites like GREG GORLEN and SKITTISH ARM -- only two left at the source, move quick