01 November 2016


self released 2016, edition of 50

weirdo bedroom indie folk pop seeming well informed by K RECORDS era MICROPHONES and BECK's ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE, or else arriving at those sounds by ever more weirdo means, approximately translated like impossible unearthed ELLIOTT SMITH home recordings of early T REX covers or THANKSGIVING improvising altered state VELVET UNDERGROUND covers or TUCKER THEODORE churning some drool worthy SPACEMEN 3 covers or PHANTOM PAYN demos circling classic hits of the 50s and 60s or TONSTARTSSBANDHT unplugged or earliest / best stripped down TY SEGALL a la "you're not me" and "an ill jest" - eighteen tracks in half an hour, gloriously half baked yet impressively cohesive - these days it takes a holy grail je ne sais quoi for me to buy into somethin like this, but when it's got it, it's got it

thanks to SISTER GROTTO's TINYAMP bandcamp for the heads up