10 October 2016


sky lantern 2016, edition of 50

"The drums crash and the reeds rise up, tangled with the electric guitar. Sunn Trio is bound by propulsion. It's what drives the group. It's there in the punk funk, in the spiritual jazz, in the furious thrall. Sunn Trio can spazz with the best of them, but it's the group's finesse, its deft musicality, which resonates. There are moments of chaos in this set, but I'm most drawn to the moments of tenuous beauty, where the horns and brass and drums and guitar all collapse in on a mournful theme. I come back to that theme again and again, take in the crowd's claps and then start over, listening for things I didn't hear the last time. I keep finding them." - SKY LANTERN bandcamp

intoxicating progressive stoner jazz like a bizarre off shoot of free rock spiraling back toward jazz fusion, this five- or six- or seven-piece ensemble (definitely not a trio) cuts loose on this live moody freeform freakout session honed and zoned for folks with ears tilted toward both the contemporary cluster of free rockers and varied heavy prog and psychedelic jazz of the 60s and 70s, channeling the vibe of established fusion forms into a basement free rock setting like BURNT HILLS covering BITCHES BREW, or the west coast acid styling of DIRE WOLVES invoking SOFT MACHINE's THIRD and FOURTH, with an impressive percussion propulsion system refitted kinda like BARDO POND strung out on quaaludes, perhaps tangentially inspired by the side twos of STARSAILOR and FUN HOUSE, captured with a stunning fly-on-the-wall intimacy - if this recording didn't exist this performance would be the stuff of legends