02 October 2016


castle bravo 2016, edition of ?

"Sunderlin blends the worlds of ambient/drone music and American primitive. The mood is melancholy yet uplifting, leaving you floating somewhere between the present and the eternal." - CASTLE BRAVO

fourth folk reck in a row, just playin the hand i'm dealt, but it's a rut i don't mind bein stuck in -- DEATH RANCH is an enthralling drone folk suite propelled by a powerful yet measured TAKOMA style guitar in and out of mysterious environs and dark ambient atmospherics - side one presses onward before drowning in a sea of hiss, only to emerge on side two reinvigorated for a while before stumbling into an immersed psychotropic haze of electrified distortion, reverberation and feedback, an impressive (debut?) tape sounding informed by experimental folk laureates LOREN CONNORS and SIX ORGANS but reaching beyond those established zones, finding new pathways not unlike DOC DUNN and ANDREW WEATHERS, sneaking in a BRAEYDEN JAE esque fuzzed out finale - not many left at the source, get it while you can