29 June 2016


patient sounds 2016, second edition of 100

"A step away from the more serene motions heard from Craig on Sean McCann's Recital Program label, into more damaged territory, circuit bent, fractured, ragged. ...the perilous last turns of a tape machine that died in the process of recording due to Craig customizing it. ...intoxicating, gorgeous, instantly recognizable as work by Craig, but noticeably lacerated. ...a charming and terminal malfunction." - PATIENT SOUNDS

ZUGZWANG falls a bit off the path IWC blazed with his first two lps, rethinking his soft heavily filtered choral style, once mostly if not entirely voice driven, now there's piano, found sounds and who knows what else, processed and reprocessed - delay, distortion, feedback, tape manipulation and disintegration - he's kinda like a one man church choir directed by LICHENS and produced by GREG GORLEN - each new work rolls back his classic ambient tint, with less emphasis on harmonic beauty as IWC wades deeper into dissonance and noise, not too far from the likes of LOST TRAIL or PATIENT SOUNDS title and PSI LAB's favorite tape of 2015 JOHN WAYNE DEATH SCENE (REC #83) -- another gem from IWC, thankfully allowed a second edition for sleepers like me, get it while you can

highly recommended