23 March 2016


wounded knife 2016, editions of ?

huge triple recommendation highlighting the latest batch of tapes from WOUNDED KNIFE, all highly recommended - unfortunately KAT GAT SEA sold out before i could hammer out this rec but the other two are still available though not for long i'm sure, get em while you can

IKKI NI hooked me real quick, a brief blackhole timewarped sample of A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME leading into a lush dark ambient noir suite kinda like BASINSKI disintegrating ALIEN soundtrack loops, in the same headspace as PSI LAB favorites SKITTISH ARM and GREG GORLEN - side two is a much more subdued and immersed singular longform ambient drone work that kinda recalls DAY/NIGHT TAPES and D.F. W K.B.D & J.G.'s A CHANCE HAPPENING, not too far from LOST TRAIL at their most hushed and zoned

KAT GAT SEA is a fantastic survey of ambient americana by way of italian (i think) duo WANDER - elegant fingerpicking, inspired improvisation, unabashed experimentation and haunting industrial primitivism - there's a lot here for minimalist fringe folk akin to DE LUCE's parallel project DROWNING IN WOOD (REC #54) with TRANCHESI bringing more ambitious melodic structure, and on the last track a moody electric guitar with a healthy dose of distortion, a propulsive post blues riff winding through a multi-instrumental soundscape like you might expect from TOM CARTER as a bold counterpoint to new weird american drone

PERPETUAL CHILD finds BRAEYDEN JAE indulging in his strong suit, noisy longform ambient drone bliss, offering two twenty minute sides, the longest i've heard from him by more than five minutes, and he makes himself right at home with all the extra time and space with a full on FRIPP & ENO styling rendered through white hot fuzz, emblazoned with heartrending motifs shining like a holy silver lining amid a soul-cleansing downpour - WOUNDED KNIFE says "imagine Fripp and Eno meeting once again to record Swastika Girls; only heavier, more cheerful and much, much more distorted" and that is absolutely right on the money