17 February 2016


never anything 2016, edition of 50

latest from AMULETS courtesy NEVER ANYTHING - i'm a bit late to AMULETS, a few months is all it took for him to take the weirdo tape scene by storm, unleashing a barrage of tapes last year -- his style is multifaceted, a blend of shoegazing guitar, shimmering synth, loop experimentation and tape manipulation, sometimes with lethal doses of crushing distortion, searing noise and a smattering of sci-fi effects - BENEATH THE SURFACE kinda reminds me of TRESILAZE's ATLAS (still available via bandcamp) with it's NATURAL SNOW BUILDINGS / YELLOW SWANS esque vibe and because it doesn't stay in one place for very long - BTS further establishes AMULETS as one of the preeminent purveyors of the "new weird american drone" scene alongside artists like LOST TRAIL, BRAEYDEN JAE and PETER KRIS

highly recommended


AMULETS is raising money for his upcoming "west by west west" tour as he vacates austin during sxsw -- check out his indiegogo page for more details and perks including an even newer album PERSONAL POWER in a super limited double cassette edition