02 February 2016


phinery 2016, edition of 75

the music of ANDREW WEATHERS is intriguingly diverse, his work sometimes places him as a contemporary to TAKOMA informed solo guitar / american primitive artists such as MARISA ANDERSON and CHUCK JOHNSON, other times his work aligns him with preeminent weirdo ambient cassette artists like GREG GORLEN and STRANGE MOUNTAIN, and then other times he blends the two in varying degrees similar to DYLAN AYCOCK, but WEATHERS might have a more brazen experimental streak, perfectly complimenting SETH CHRISMAN's dynamic ambient drone style, as is readily apparent here on EVER STEADY which kicks off with soft synth patterns channeling the vibrant minimalism of PHILIP GLASS and TERRY RILEY as a gently rising tide of sustained tones ebb and flow, slowly washing out and drifting into some shimmering ambient meditations that give MATTHEW BARLOW's NOW AGE (also via PHINERY) and WEATHERS's own LIGHT IN THE VALLEY (via BARLOW's imprint TWIN SPRINGS) a run for their money - for those familiar with WEATHERS & CHRISMAN's first collab LOUELLA (via WEATHERS's imprint FULL SPECTRUM), EVER STEADY is less meandering and mystic, and the avant folk northwest winter wilderness vibe doesn't manifest here until the closing track, where it seems they left the tape rolling and recorded a sweet howling ghost drone epilogue

highly recommended