16 December 2015


lily 2015, edition of 50

"one hundred percent confident dives headfirst into deep wells of organ drone and tape collage. Familiar characters and memories take shape, distort, and dissipate - when the tape player stops you realize with a jolt that you're right where you were when you pressed play, but everything looks different somehow. Sit still for a little while and take it all in." - LILY

another excellent entry in LILY's catalog, another late in the year top shelf ambient tape, tranquil tones, warm water fermatas that slowly melt all else away, taking full advantage of the analog format, with some mild mannered experimentation thrown in ever so gracefully, found sounds, grainy textures, ethereal drone, all incorporated and employed to maximize the close listening experience and by my measure this is about as good as it gets, dissolving into the same headspaces as DAVID ANDREE, TIM HECKER and JOSH MASON, pushing all the right buttons in the right order