22 November 2015


never anything 2015, edition of 100

"Heavy hearted pop that swiftly moves from section to blissful section, alternately aching and then soaring. Part I is easily one of the best albums I've heard this year. Lustana defies its influences and produces a rare type of restrained grandeur: a beach at the edge of a man who casts his waves of sonic starlight out into a lonely, lovely galaxy." - NEVER ANYTHING

"melt into the morning" wake n bake bedroom pop floating on an opiate cloud, not much to it but it's got it where it counts a la VELVETS self titled and the intimate stuff on PLASTIC ONO BAND, triangulated by ATLAS SOUND's most low key straight ahead pop tunes, earliest / best REAL ESTATE singles and JULIAN LYNCH hypnagogic haze - all vibes circa 2009 - perhaps well informed by EMITT RHODES and LAZY SMOKE's CORRIDOR OF FACES - gonna file this alongside NADIA REID and CAROLINE NO as my fav "pop" albums of the year