15 November 2015


scissor tail 2015, edition of 200

"Romantic music for the old and lackluster, the compositions of Willamette are characterized by meticulous notation and uncommon symmetry, emphasizing the importance of space and volume. The classical fugues of their recordings offer a distinctly austere nostalgia, not only capturing the air of an old Delerue record playing in a distant room, but the sound of the room itself." - ESCAPINGTHEMEMORY.ORG

stunning minimal modern classical ambient masterpiece, gorgeous textured tones manifested with "melancholic precision and restrain" gently ebb and flow on a serene sea of bliss - an incredible intimate close listening experience, totally immersed masterful arrangement like STARS OF THE LID's triple lps neatly condensed into nine four-minute etudes with some SATIE sprinkled in, immaculately presented on a single lp housed in a jacket that boasts maybe my favorite artwork since 2010's COASTS by TWELLS & CHRISTENSEN -- DIMINISHED COMPOSITION continues to impress and reveal both over the course of the record and cumulative listens, emerging as a shoo-in for best ambient album of the year, or past few years for that matter -- 200 copies ain't much for SCISSOR TAIL wax so get it while you can, and check out previously rec'd solo side project PASTURE's INTERIOR tape (RECOMMENDATION #18) while it still exists