10 November 2015


dumpster 2015, edition of 75

dumpster 2015, edition of 100

dumpster 2015, edition of ?

triple rec hype for the latest and greatest from diy garage pop and psych punk label DUMPSTER TAPES outta chicago

AT HOME is a fantastic demo tape of mid tempo mid 60s popular rock and moody ballads that turn down loner's lane into proto alt country territory, there's no mistaking the LENNON-MCCARTNEY sound, here it's kinda like if DYLAN had gotten to em a few months earlier and made A HARD DAY'S NIGHT their stoner folk pop album, progressing toward a mellower darker tinted vibe recalling BEAU BRUMMELS VOL 2 - it's kinda crazy just how 60s this really sounds - DUMPSTER has graciously put together this second edition for those like me who slept on the first run, this could be the last call so better get it while you can

CLASSIC HITS is an oddball collection of quirky psych punk covers - i'm not sure i would classify some as hits - "hound dog" sure, "she's my witch" probably not so much, despite being one of my favorite songs ever along with "you're gonna miss me" which is also present - but they're all rad with a CRAMPS esque penchant for 50s/60s weirdness, with a couple surprising hill country blues burners thrown in and a fitting outlier in GUN CLUB's "sex beat" - all in all it's kind of a mess, but in a good way, they pull it off and they make it look easy, kinda like THEE OH SEES as they turned the corner into punk hammering out an acid-spiked 20 ROCK AND ROLL HITS OF THE 50s AND 60s on the fly

TRASH TALK VOL. 1 is a four-way international garage punk split tape - CATETE ROCOCO (cangas del narcea, spain), UH BONES (chicago, il), HAKAN (bergamo, italy), WET SOCKS (savannah, ga) - four songs per band - CATETE ROCOCO has a certain mid 60s lost in the mid 90s vhs garage pop vibe - UH BONES churn some catchy hard hittin NUGGETS muck (with a solid debut lp out this past summer on RANDY RECORDS) - HAKAN taps into classic 70s punk by way of mid 00s IN THE RED revival - WET SOCKS finish up with some late 00s scuzz punk channeling TY circa HORN THE UNICORN and THEE OH SEES circa HELP -- a nice cross section of garage punk documenting worthy bands on the fragile precipice that is "up-and-coming"

get all three tapes for $12, that's way too good a deal to pass up