06 November 2015


selection 2015

A quick follow up to last years underground (far, underground) favorite, OK To Exist Doing Nothing. This time out it's just Yamada on Vox and Guitars, our man in Japan Hiiragi Fukuda on Bass and Synth accompanied by Mr. Rhythm Box, a Roland TR-33. Hypnotic boogies from space, spare and raw! A different vein than OK, but deeply satisfying.

man, i was a big fan of last year's OK TO EXIST DOING NOTHING lp, aside from the fact that the title alone is kinda like my life's mission statement, it plays like LES RALLIZES DENUDES lite in all the absolute best ways possible- scuzz and reverb dialed back from blood curdling levels, jams truncated into unlikely radio edits with gobs of replay value- so i was plenty psyched to see this new tape pop up, with sweet artwork to boot -- the label blurb ain't kiddin, this is definitely more pared down than OK TO EXIST - if you're familiar with FUKUDA's SEACIDE- another kickass album from last year, tape via most high SLOOW then promptly reissued on wax by TROUBLE IN MIND- then this won't sound out of place, but it will still blow your mind plenty as YAMADA and FUKUDA pick up where early MOON DUO left off and veer toward the often imitated rarely duplicated post VELVETS n STOOGES japanese underground bluesy noisy psych scene, mainlining a lethal dose of BEEFHEART meets SUICIDE psychosis - if you're readin this, chances are this will crash yr year end list like a wreckin ball