28 October 2015


world news 2015

"40 minutes of hot tape in a hot green cassette in a hot pink case, extra special put together to be beautiful, open inner sleeve with lyrics and doodles by Caroline Kennedy" / "a tape of improvised songs, with various guests and friends on hand"

in my incessant panning for gold in the never ending stream of tapes on bandcamp, i look for something- anything- to catch my eye - the BEACH BOYS reference did the trick here on this tape of longing bedroom dream pop ballads, nice n lazy rhythm, moody lead, subdued organ tones, female vocals in and out of a druggy reverb haze, it's kinda like VELVETS closet mix featuring CAT POWER at her most intimate -CAROLINE NO is kinda like this year's SYLVIA ROSE & TIM for me, fantastic outsider pop that does everything right and nothin wrong