14 October 2015


instant classic 2015, edition of 66

"If there's one thought that lies behind them, it's explained in the quote from Stanisław Lem's 'Fiasko' included in the album booklet. Courageous beauty unveils where there's no business. It's a short and simple thought."

jaw dropping massive double cassette out of poland, an hour and a half of a little bit of everything - it's kinda like the weather in oklahoma, if you don't like it, just wait a minute - it opens with a searing foray into experimental metal, kinda like MOUNT EERIE's black wooden sound filtered through FUGAZI by way of RELAPSE, which unravels into some entrancing psychedelic folk akin to ILYAS AHMED and SIX ORGANS, a CHARALAMBIDIC blues breakdown, even a moody late night italo disco interlude, and then some american primitive guitar channeling BASHO and ROSE, bleeding into shimmering ambient drone folk passages, then melding with a PHAROAH SANDERS stoner jazz vibe, giving way to a twenty minute far out kraut drone climax like ENO meets SCHULZE, closing with a delicate solo guitar epilogue -- a genre defying awe inspiring epic masterpiece to be filed alongside the works of NATURAL SNOW BUILDINGS and RAISING HOLY SPARKS -- shipping next week, pre order now