28 August 2015


inanambulance 2015

moody outsider folk stylist TUCKER THEODORE sheds his unstable weirdo tendencies and redirects in a more mainstream crowd-stirring fashion, where previously he sounded like the ghost of JASON MOLINA binged out on JANDEK records, he and his newly solidified band as BUFFALO VOICE now sound full on like JASON MOLINA back from the grave with a vengeance, channeling grungy NEIL YOUNG by way of MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO's TRIALS & ERRORS with the volume turned way up, alternating LOU REED and JIM MORRISON theatrics, i dig it -- now at the PSI LAB SHOP, as is his criminally underappreciated 2013 tape TO MAKE THE SUN HURT via ANTIQUATED FUTURE which has been sold out at the source for a while now