22 August 2015


self released 2015, edition of 40

mmm sound 2015, edition of 75

"Transmutating Tonal Meditations (TTMs) on the non-oceanic emptiness of the country called the Midwest. The provincial driftlessness in outer land space (landscaping the world's fastest internet metropolis, widening) coinciding with our need for the inner expansion of self identity. Dissolution of Individual Idiosyncratic Distinction (DIID)."

i'm not exactly sure what that means, but i know why - ISAM aka INSPIRED SCHOOL OF ASTRAL MUSIC aka SAM JONES aka BILL DOOB is an artist that is devoted to his craft to the point of religion, that from where i'm listening parallels if not deliberately follows in the footsteps of a pioneer like RANDALL MCCLELLAN, sonically similar to folks like ENO, RILEY and SCHULZE but originating from a wholly separate philosophy - MCCLELLAN posits --

ancient philosophical concepts recognized vibration as the fundamental creative force and central principle of the many mystery schools of the ancient world. It is evident that the use of sound for its spiritual properties was music's original purpose and a vital concept within these traditions. In the broadest sense, the practice of music for its healing and spiritual value remains our oldest music tradition.

-- i expect ALBERT AYLER and BARDO POND would agree - well i think that's far enough down the rabbit hole on this one - safe to say that ISAM delivers the goods on these two tapes, go get em while you still can