15 August 2015


scissor tail 2015, edition of 42

scissor tail 2015, edition of 50

scissor tail 2015, edition of 50

highest possible triple recommendation featuring the great SCISSOR TAIL EDITIONS, most highly regarded fellow oklahoma label operating out of tulsa, just down the turnpike a ways, run by DYLAN AYCOCK whose personal discography includes top shelf titles on CABIN FLOOR ESOTERICA, MARMARA and NO KINGS, just to name a few -- this is a triumphant batch of three tapes boasting AYCOCK's exquisite letterpress work, and the music lives up to the spectacular packaging and then some

DROWNING IN WOOD is a haunting voyage of stark loner avant folk guitar and abstract noise breakdowns, demented american primitive noir, damaged JANDEKian tunings, unabashedly unrefined akin to OAKHILL's BRONZE HORSE and DOVE AZIMA, eerie shamanism like the earliest sides of BARN OWL and HERBCRAFT, intimate and spontaneous like JON COLLIN on a real bad trip coming completely unhinged on the finale "my roots are covered in blood"

LONELY AND BLUE blends TAKOMA folk and back country electrified blues filtered through ambient drone and moody jazz experimentation with hot crunchy overdriven guitar like FRED MCDOWELL and BISHOP PERRY TILLIS channeling early FAHEY by way of MARISA ANDERSON, with some IN A SILENT WAY sprinkled in here and there, neatly honing in on some of the same vibes as SCISSOR TAIL's first release GOLDEN PAWN's WORKERS LAMENT

KENOSHA is deeply immersed ambient folk minimalism, in the same headspace as AYCOCK's more experimental sides as TALK WEST but with a strong affinity for the longform ambient / modern classical OBSCURE discography like ENO and BRYARS, as well as GLASS and RILEY - the music is absolutely stunning, it stands alongside year end contenders ANDREW WEATHERS' LIGHT IN THE VALLEY and GLOVER/PERREAULT's FREIGHT 1110 THROUGH GREENSBORO

all three are now available at the PSI LAB SHOP so get em while they're hot - DROWNING IN WOOD is already sold out at the source, i'm sure the other two aren't far behind