15 July 2015


child of microtones / golden lab 2015

"A truly wondrous, sun-blinded, summer stoner record that throws its sandals in the duffel bag, lets the sand slip through its toes and tramps off in the direction of a mirage of a gigantic effigy of Ganesh. Absolute must-have and Golden Lab’s personal record of the year. Do not miss!"

MV's magnum opus, without question one of his absolute finest efforts in his twenty year tenure as thee guru of new weird america which he has honed to perfection in both form and function, arguably peaking last year with my aoty ALPHA LYRAE, but MIDDEN already has me second guessing myself - solo in name only, it features crucial contributions from J MASCIS and JEREMY EARL, as well as ERIKA ELDER and PG SIX and a host of regulars in the studio or on the road with MV & EE over the years, including MV & EE's shiba inu ZUMA credited with playing "bones and tambourine" on a couple tracks

MV just keeps on doin what he does best - smoked out folk and lunar blues like NEIL YOUNG's ditch trilogy driftin through the cosmos - akin to ALPHA LYRAE and LIBERTY ROSE, with more intimate indulgent mind wandering, at times burying the needle on the transcendental scale, next level altered state vibe even by MV & EE's sky high standard, with a couple of goodtime ballads that recall their ECSTATIC PEACE sides (which have only gotten better with age if you ask me) anchored around one of the trippiest folk pop tunes this side of DWYER's OCS that unravels into a TANGERINE DREAM coda, arriving at a massive fourteen minute finale that chugs and howls like EXUMA meets CREEDENCE on acid, spiritualized into a moonlit swamp voodoo psych jam for the ages

MV's in-house imprint CHILD OF MICROTONES made limited editions on cassette and cdr, GOLDEN LAB is putting out the proper double lp edition due mid august - COM cassette is now available at the PSI LAB SHOP - hardcore fans will wanna take a look at COM's super aggro deluxe double lp edition with drool worthy alternate artwork on hand screened / painted / bound jackets and a different mastering limited to 20, no not two hundred, TWENTY

[EDIT: die hard deluxe edition is now SOLD OUT!]

[RE EDIT: GOLDEN LAB says he has a handful of the super aggro deluxe vinyl, grab one now or never ever]

[EDIT: i guess the soundcloud link i found was removed so here's this]

full album sample/download via MIDHEAVEN