28 June 2015


lily 2015, edition of 50

excellent split tape, hushed late night vibe on both sides -- YLAYALI offers a set of catchy bedroom downer folk ballads kinda like DEATH CAB demos by way of PHIL ELVERUM, in the same headspace as folks like TERRORS and TUCKER THEODORE -- LUNG CYCLES transitions from tape manipulation to elegant guitar channeling SUN KIL MOON, occasional hazy vocals treated with touches of delay, again recalling ELVERUM but more textural akin to LICHENS or ALASTAIR GALBRAITH, the closing track is fantastic, an intimate epilogue like you might expect from DYLAN AYCOCK or JON COLLIN -- home dubbed and hand artworked stumptown style cases via LUNG CYCLES in house imprint LILY, now available at the PSI LAB SHOP