20 June 2015


box 2015, edition of 50

another killer album from MIKE VEST & CO via BOX who put out ULTRA HIGH DIMENSIONALITY last year, which fully realized the sector of VEST's sound that is HAIKAI - which is smack dab in the middle of BONG's ultimate ritualistic stoner doom and BLOWN OUT's heavy cosmic groove blasting - to untrained or otherwise uncaring ears it probably all sounds the same or else is very repetitive, which i won't refute, but that just means it all sounds awesome and stays awesome -- for what it's worth HAIKAI lean more into noisy japanese psych territory a la LES RALLIZES DENUDES as is evident by their cover of "strung out deeper than the night" -- anyway, this cleverly titled tape features a pair of outtakes from the UHD sessions, hardly cutting room floor bin material, frankly i'm surprised one of these didn't end up on the LP, both are absolutely killer spaced out scuzz cruisers, good n heavy, meanwhile side 2 is a next level live recording, really loud and loose, kinda has a SLEEP meets early COMETS ON FIRE vibe, makes me want to see these guys live real bad -- as with BOX's last VEST related tape and RECOMMENDATION #6 BLOWN OUT's MULTIVERSE HYPNOSIS this tape is gonna sell out super fast, only a few left