11 June 2015


twin springs 2015, edition of 25

"two duets for guitar and keyboards defined by the natural qualities of tape delay systems originally developed by Oliveros & Riley, recorded in one single take for each instrument, following harmonic signposts determined in advance" -- dreamstate piano patterns emerge in a hypnotic haze then acoustic guitar cuts through the fog and brings everything into focus only to slowly melt away and become another elegantly looped fragment of the glorious sonic tapestry of side one titled "electric piano and twelve string guitar", side two titled "organ and baritone guitar" is an even deeper affair, an awe inspiring flourishing ambient opus for the ages like the most honed in zoned out ENO + ROY MONTGOMERY collaboration possible, or not possible, as this surpasses any comparison i can think of at the moment, without a doubt a stone cold top 5 of 2015 lock, instantly sold out - safe to say TWIN SPRINGS has outgrown his homely editions of 25 - but this is too good to miss out on, be sure to grab the free download