04 March 2015


full spectrum 2015, edition of 50

littlefield 2015, edition of 50

new tapes from ANDREW WEATHERS in house label FULL SPECTRUM and new "sub label" LITTLEFIELD

GLOVER/PERREAULT comes outta nowhere, an avant folk masterpiece, label blurb says "think FLYNT meets GLASS" which is on point, GLASSWORKS seems a major influence here, but that's just the half of it, this tape plays like a grand appalachian procession, funereal at times, indeed sharing some je nais se quoi with HENRY FLYNT, it's moving and contemplative, still sinking in after repeated close listens

WEATHERS delivers his "first proper solo guitar release of jagged blues and spacious extended works", earthy american primitive vibe and measured pace provide a welcome counterpoint to the style's resurgence and perceived trend of more is more, maybe it's just me, anyway this is about as good as it gets, incorporating ambient elements, WEATHERS lends as much weight to atmosphere and tone as to the delectably strummed and fingerpicked notes and the space between them

both currently available at the PSI LAB SHOP