23 March 2015


old man 2015, made to order?

all analog asheville collective fuses old & new weird america with kraut psych sensibility, thinkin RED KRAYOLA & SUNBURNED HAND ridin the furthest out vibes of ASH RA TEMPEL, immersed in unhindered uncompromising melting pot primitivism, backwater head music contemporaries (compadres?) of kosmische rethinkers VON HIMMEL, little is known, but DEATH CHANTS dude turned solo weirdo folk phenom, HUMITO head honcho and MV & EE session man RAFI BOOKSTABER is a key figure

no OLD MAN website - there was one, then it disappeared - BOOKSTABER is workin on a HUMITO/OLD MAN website, no samples out there that i could find so i made one -- PORCH PLANET VOL 1 along with DIG A HOLE and WE RAN OUT OF WATER are available at the PSI LAB SHOP, all seven (?) of their tapes are good but those are my favs