04 February 2015


new batch is in the assembly phase, three tapes this time around, heavy live set from EXPO 70, debut from cosmic rockers NEBULAE and dark ambient bliss from SKITTISH ARM - numbered editions of 50 with all the fixins available FEB 23 via PSI LAB SHOP, up close and in person at GUESTROOM RECORDS and soon thereafter via distinguished online distros

now for some blurbs

i am stoked to put this tape out there, being a longtime fan of guitar god justin wright's unique blend of kosmische which he has proliferated for more than a decade and more than fifty albums, synthesizing entire sectors of ambient, drone and psychedelic music - ash ra tempel, earth, eno, klaus schulze, sunn o))), tangerine dream, ad infinitum - more recently evolving into a full fledged band emerging fully realized as a power trio for the ages, a mind blowing metamorphosis melding wright's deep meditative focus with the inner workings of heavy doom and stoner rock touchstones sleep & kyuss, captured here as a headliner goin all out across a 66 minute set minimally edited and mixed for that live in person vibe although admittedly i have a perverse taste for crushed fly on the wall sonics, it's a nonstop trip, no breaks, no brakes, hold on to somethin and zone way out

killer eponymous debut from this oklahoma city by way of the virgo supercluster jam band, a four headed space hydra that feeds on entire galaxies & leaves these heady moody jams in its wake, fusing soaring space rock with a zoned in shoegaze mentality and an impressive arsenal of fuzzed out stoner metal flavored riffs, this is a cosmic post rock opera of sorts, the main engines rock n roll then burn out to deep space lonerism jettisoned for heavy psych blasters and blissed out cruisers with a finale like hawkwind's master of the universe comin in hot, guns blazin, fans of bardo pond, eternal tapestry, carlton melton and yuri gagarin will wanna grip this real quick

two digital only 2014 titles fetched from the ether and manifested in analog amplifying the immersive and transportive qualities of these awe inspiring soundscapes channeling eno and basinski, right alongside those and others comprising top tier ambient music, at least as far as i'm concerned, i featured his most recent tape LOSS as my RECOMMENDATION #1, it is an incredible album and it has a good chance of being the best tape i will hear - and instantly buy - all year, but everything else this guy has done is on the same level, particularly these two albums, which immediately upon hearing i thought "man it would be cool if these were on cassette", well now they are

here, have a taste

PSI LAB DISTRO will also be updated FEB 23 with lots of good stuff

stay tuned