18 February 2015


sa 2014, edition of ?

sa 2014, edition of ?

double rec! one-two punch from HERBCRAFT's in-house imprint, ultimate diy-lookin stuff, the first i've seen or heard, catalog #s 006 and 007 deepen the mystery

S.S. CRETINS tape is a foray of 60s acid punk a la NUGGETS and PEBBLES with a hard nosed hippy vibe akin to EARLY STEPPENWOLF, it plays like a live ELEVATORS bootleg complete with rad covers, it sounds like a show you don't wanna miss, if they ever make it out of new england on tour that takes em anywhere near here i'll be there for sure

HERBCRAFT tape is two gloriously lo-fi live jams that take their studio peak ASTRAL BODY ELECTRIC to the next level with chameleon like flashes of HENDRIX and QUINE TAPES, kinda like the heaviest HEROINE CELESTIAL AGRICULTURE never made while side 2 plays like BO DIDDLEY BEACH PARTY meets REVOLUTION 9 filtered through JOHN DWYER on a bad trip

"for a catalogue of available titles write to SA, 110 MARGINAL WAY #179, PORTLAND ME 04101" says the paste on artwork, i might do that even though i already have the tapes, but if you scoff at the notion you can hit em up at HERBCRAFT [dot] MUSIC [at] GMAIL [dot] COM

i couldn't find a sample of TABS OUT so i recorded one, enjoy